This Week in DVD: 4/17/12

This week, action and misery seem to be the themes as Andrew Parker takes on Shame and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, while Noah Taylor looks at The Divide, and Phil Brown watches Contraband

This Week in DVD: 3/6/12

Footloose (2011, Craig Brewer): I guess if you’re going to remake an 80s cult classic that wasn’t much of a classic to begin with, Hustle and Flow director Brewer’s retelling of dance prohibition in a small Southern town would be the best way to go about it. Hitting all of the high notes fans of […]

Contraband Review

While there’s much to praise and little to deride about Contraband, there are only so many ways to say that the movie holds very few surprises and everything happens in exactly the way one expects it would happen. This smuggling thriller does pretty much everything right, not a heck of a lot wrong, and viewers will be engaged enough to keep from checking their watches every few minutes. It’s a very competently made piece of Hollywood machinery, but it’s also the kind of a movie one would watch with a laptop open or while doing chores because of how little an impression it leaves.