Free Comic Book Day – May 4th

If Halloween is nerd Christmas for cosplay reasons, Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 4th is the non-denominational, equal opportunity Holiday party โ€” complete with Secret Santas.

Fan Expo 2010 Photos Part Two

Here is the second part of our huge Fan Expo 2010 photo post. Click here to see Part One. You can see hundreds more like these over on the Dork Shelf Facebook Page. Relive Fan Expo 2010 minus the crowds and lines!

Fan Expo 2010 Photos Part One

Another Fan Expo has come and gone, but we’ll always have the memoriesโ€”oh, and the photos. If you’re missing the convention already, you can relive your Fan Expo 2010 experience with this gallery of photos and see hundreds more over on the Dork Shelf Facebook Page. All the fun of Fan Expo with none of […]

Fallout 2 Live Action Role-Playing in Russia

An abandoned air base outside of Leningrad, Russia played host to more than 300 Russian Fallout fans last month.ย  The live-action role players recreated post-apocalyptic world of the 1998 Black Isle video game Fallout 2, complete with Brotherhood of Steel Knights, ghouls and even an issue of Cat’s Paw Magazine. The time and effort these […]

The Definitive Collection of Awesomely Bad Wolverine Costumes

To celebrate the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine humour site has posted the definitive collection of bad Wolverine costumes. From costumes without claws, to guys who have no business even attempting to look like everyone’s favourite Canuck this list has pretty much everything you would expect from horrible fan made Wolverine costumes. Definitive Collection […]