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The Criterion Shelf: Starring Gena Rowlands

People can never talk about Gena Rowlands without mentioning John Cassavetes, and sometimes that’s a shame. He directed very few of his movies without her, so the connection isn’t ridiculous, and they came as a package for a few other directors as well (Tempest, Two Minute Warning).  Their pairings continue to be the most celebrated and best remembered works of both their careers, and to be even more fair to Cassavetes, no one ever explored her rough edges the way he did. Rowlands spent her youth playing bottle blondes and, following his death, appeared in a series of matronly roles in which she was brilliant but which didn’t have the moral gray areas she traversed in films like Opening Night and A Woman Under the Influence. A proper summation of Rowlands’ career, though, should take in her early TV work, her later Emmy wins for some groundbreaking television movies and her becoming known to younger generations with performances like The Notebook, and the Criterion Channel’s very Cassavetes-heavy look at her career shows that this has yet to be accomplished.

The Criterion Shelf: Written by Jean-Claude Carrière

Covering all genres, numerous countries, high arthouse stuff and populist entertainment, Carrière was a natural fit no matter what he worked on, his talent and sensibilities blending in seamlessly with the directors with whom he collaborated.

The Criterion Shelf: The Best of Mae West

A sharp wit with an even sharper taste for business who wrote her own scripts and loved to rock a glamorous gown, she was an unapologetic voluptuary whose jokey attitude towards enjoying the carnal side of life skillfully cloaked a nuanced understanding of its painful realities.

The Criterion Shelf: Bad Vacations

As an antidote to our pandemic wanderlust, The Criterion Channel has put together a list of films meant to remind us that going somewhere isn’t always a good thing.

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