Cutie and the Boxer

The Next Two Weeks at The Bloor: 2/21/14 & 2/28/14

We review the one new film at The Bloor this week, a look inside the US Federal Reserve in Money for Nothing, and look ahead to a slew of events over the next two weeks, including return engagements of all of this years Oscar nominated documentary features, the Oscars themselves, several returning series, and an appearance from famed stand-up comedy icon Paul Mooney.

Cutie and the Boxer Review

With his tremendously moving and gracious documentary Cutie and the Boxer, Zachary Henzerling looks at a pair of New York City based artists, their work, their passion, and the love that has kept them together for 39 years through some of the hardest frustrations, setbacks, and personal vices. You will never see another documentary about artists quite like this.