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Pull List: 5/2/12 – Earth 2 and The Spider

It’s another new week and another edition of the Pull List coming at you. This week features a fresh start for some classic heroes with Earth 2 #1 from DC and Dynamite's pulp noir tale The Spider #1.

Pull List: 4/25/12

Pull List is a weekly roundup comic book reviews on the site. It's been a while, so get comfortable and let’s get down to business. This week features The New Avengers #25 and Vampirella: The Red Room.

Death of Zorro #1 Review

There is a new comic from Dynamite which has the two titles and their characters crossover in Death of Zorro #1. My first reaction on seeing the cover was "blatant marketing ploy to drum up interest in these failing books." Then I thought "Let's not be hasty and make uninformed judgements..." So I bought and read the book. Nope, my gut reaction was correct. That was $4 and twenty minutes I can never get back.

Jennifer Blood #1 Review

The highly publicized new comic from Garth Ennis and Dynamite Entertainment is a huge disappointment. The comic focuses on Jennifer, a doting but bored housewife, who is also a methodical, ruthless assassin. With her thoughts revealed via diary entries, I can only assume that we are supposed to ask ‘Why?’ to a number of hints and questions dropped throughout, but these plot hooks are squandered by the simple fact that you don’t really become invested in Jennifer as a character.