How Halloween Must End

Moviegoers know that a studio will never kill Michael Myers permanently – there's too much money in reboots – but there's only one way Halloween should end:

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R.I.P. Roger Ebert

We are extremely saddened to learn of the passing of film critic Roger Ebert earlier today. Our Film and Performing Arts Editor takes some time out of his day to explain just how much Ebert meant to him and the person he has become today. We are forever grateful for the little bit of support he had given to our little Canadian outlet in the past. He will be missed.

Thought Bubble: Running out of Steam (sales)

Barely a week has passed and I don’t even remember all the games I just bought. The Steam Summer Sale, the digital download service's most momentous sale where PC games are discounted to massive, nay, ridiculous margins, has come and gone, and gamers could neither contain their excitement nor their wallets. As my email inbox floods with successive “Thank you for your purchase” messages, it becomes increasingly clear that this shit is getting ridiculous.