End of Watch

This Week in DVD: 1/29/13

This week on DVD and Blu-Ray, the crew looks at Hotel Transylvania, The Imposter, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2, For a Good Time Call..., Coriolanus, Game Change, Life's Too Short, The Awakening, End of Watch, and Legend of a Warrior.

End of Watch Review

End of Watch perfectly embodies writer-turned-director David Ayer’s crime movie formula (Training Day, Harsh Times, etc). You take a basic crime movie premise, twist it initially in an intriguing way, populate it with talented actors, tease out some unexpectedly dark drama, toss in a few brutal set pieces, and then slowly let it all slip away as the film becomes increasingly conventional in a race to the finish line.

TIFF 2012 Reviews: Part 6

As TIFF 2012 finishes up its first weekend, our ongoing coverage looks at The Master, To the Wonder, High Park on Hudson, End of Watch, Aftershock, Sightseers, The Crimes of Mike Recket, No One Lives, and Midnight's Children.