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Boyhood Review

Few films ever earn the right to be called a masterpiece. Richard Linklater's Boyhood is a masterpiece.

Interview: Richard Linklater

We talk with acclaimed American filmmaker Richard Linklater about his twelve year experience making Boyhood, his process, framing his epic story, the casting of Ellar Coltrane, the evolution of technology, parenting, and people’s reactions to the film.

Blu-Ray Round Up: 11/4/13

This week brings looks at some leftover spooks, 'splosions, and some romance as we transition from Halloween in to the deeper recesses of fall. We look at Roland Emmerich's latest blockbuster White House Down, John Carpenter's underrated In the Mouth of Madness, James's Wan's surprise megahit The Conjuring, Richard Linklater's trilogy capping Before Midnight, and Neil Jordan's unjustly slept-on Byzantium.

Getaway Review

There’s nothing particularly wrong with the action thriller Getaway except that it might be a bit too sanitized and video game-y for its own good. It’s an effective, no frills chase movie with some inventive set pieces, but there’s a distinct lack of grit or immediacy to the proceedings.

The Purge Review

The Purge attempts to unravel its twists and turns slowly, but things turn to predictable and familiar fast. You know when a film that barley runs 80 minutes feels far too long that opportunities were missed all over the place.

Before Midnight Review

While openly less eventful than the two preceding films in Richard Linklater's iconic romantic trilogy, Before Midnight might ultimately be the most thoughtful and emotionally rewarding of them all.

Interview: Jason Blum

We catch up with hot young producer Jason Blum - the man who helped bring the world Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister, and this week drops Dark Skies.

Sinister Review

Have you seen every horror film made in the past 30 years? You've already seen all of Sinister.

Contest: See SINISTER in Four Cities!

Enter for a chance to win one of ten pairs of passes to see an advance screening of Sinister in Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, or Winnipeg at 7:00pm on Thursday, October 11th from Dork Shelf and Alliance Films.

Woman in the Fifth Review

A bit of an interesting failure, Pawel Pawlikowski's The Woman in the Fifth comes tantalizingly close to becoming a great thriller before losing the thread.

Daybreakers Review

The end is nigh, or so many on the planet believe. Whether it be terrorism, climate change, plague, or war, many people believe the human race has not long to live. Unless we adapt and fast, we’re pretty much screwed. Is it even possible for us to adapt? And should we adapt to suit the […]