Gaby Hoffman

Transparent Season Three Review

In season three of Transparent, nuanced notes of class, race, sex, gender, and religion come bursting forth with an unmistakable roar.

Interview: Gillian Robespierre

We talk to Obvious Child director and writer Gillian Robespierre (and co-writer Elisabeth Holm) about crafting crafting the film’s stand-up routines, family dynamics, and how to deal with people who could potentially have their own agendas.

Obvious Child Review

A major star vehicle for comic actor Jenny Slate, the purposefully awkward and thoroughly charming Obvious Child deals head on with how seemingly well adjusted adults still have a lot of growing up to do after they think they’re done with life lessons.

Interview: Denis Hennelly

We talk with Denis Hennelly, director of Goodbye World (available on VOD this Friday) about creating a different kind of apocalyptic drama: one that actually knows what the world "apocalypse" actually means.

Crystal Fairy Review

While not particularly deep or even all that narratively engaging, Crystal Fairy does boast a pair of excellent leading performances from Michael Cera and Gaby Hoffman.