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Home Entertainment Review: The Raid 2

The Raid 2 (Gareth Evans, 2014) – The Raid: Redemption was a wonderfully nasty little action movie that came out of nowhere to tickle the shriveled hearts of fans of blood soaked entertainment in 2011. The instant cult classic was a perfectly structured bit of B-movie bliss. A few minutes of set up, followed by […]

The Raid 2 Review

Fans of Gareth Evans’ previous bone crunching, face bashing, knife twisting, Indonesian action masterpiece The Raid will probably adore the fact that the ass kicking stakes have been raised considerably for the sequel. But hopefully they also appreciate the extra added effort to make a sequel that’s actually worth talking about beyond just the action sequences.

Interview: Gareth Evans

We talk to The Raid 2 director Gareth Evans about the greater ambitions of his ass kicking sequel, the pros and cons of having more time and locations to shoot in, what to expect from the conclusion to The Raid trilogy, and why you won’t find him hanging around any mud pits any time soon.

Man of Tai Chi Review

Although heavily westernized, Keanu Reeves’ fictional directorial debut Man of Tai Chi will hold some thrills and excitement for those who aren’t too picky about their martial arts epics.

The Raid: Redemption Review

Anyone upset that the movies have been lacking in balls-to-the-wall R-rated action of late can take solace in the fact that The Raid: Redemption has arrived.