James Cameron

Parental Guidance: Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel fights her way into theatres this weekend. Based on a manga, it’s chock-full of cool fight sequences set in a gritty dystopian future. But should you take your kids to see it?

Thought Bubble: How To Fix Canadian Cinema

Canadian movies and TV have a bad rep. CANADALAND's Jesse Brown talked to Jay Baruchel about how we fix this, and inadvertently hit upon something that could actually be the key to improving our onscreen cultural landscape.

Home Entertainment: Escape From New York Review

The folks at Shout Factory have been cranking Carpenter classics onto Blu-ray since they kicked off their Scream Factory genre label and have finally secured the rights to one of his most iconic and important efforts with Escape From New York.

Interview: Dr. Sylvia Earle

We talk with world renowned oceanographer and explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle about being the subject of Fisher Stevens and Robert Nixon's documentary Mission Blue, now available on Netflix.

20 Sleeper Hits You Can Rent for Free from Bay Street Video

Our film editor was asked to contribute to a list of dozens of "sleeper hits" that can currently be rented free of charge from Bay Street Video in Toronto. Given the vague definition of the term, here is why he chose his films on the list and gives recommendations for other films to pair alongside the free rentals.

Interview: David Webb Peoples

David Webb Peoples had a hand in writing three of the greatest films of the latter half of the 20th Century: Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys, and Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven. We talk with the writer (and his wife and sometimes collaborator Janet) as he prepares to visit the Toronto Screenwriting Conference this weekend.

Unsung Anniversaries #3: American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt

For this week's Unsung Anniversaries, we go with a pretty deep cut to celebrate the 25th anniversary of American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt, and in the process talk a little bit about the history of 1980s movie making powerhouse Cannon Films, what happens when a franchise has to recast its lead, and why the film has two standout performances from cult acting icons that almost make it worth watching.

Interview: Patrick Read Johnson

Dork Shelf talks to Patrick Read Johnson about his long in the works autobiographical film 5-25-77 and it's long road to the big screen despite being a small film about how he got started as a filmmaker growing up in small town Illinois. Johnson opens up about growing disillusioned with the studio system (working with John Hughes on Baby's Day Out, turning down the chance to do Home Alone, and the troubled post production on Angus), the good along the way, and bringing his work-in-progress film to the TIFF Next Wave Festival this weekend.

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away Review

It might just be a greatest hits compilation for Cirque du Soleil and a demo reel for James Cameron's beloved 3D cameras, but this big screen outing for the Montreal based acrobatic workers looks better in 3D than The Hobbit did, and despite an almost complete lack of story, it's still quite a bit of fun.

Interview: Erica Linz

We talk to one of the stars of James Cameron and Andrew Adamson's 3D extravaganza Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away, actress and acrobat Erica Linz about the hard preparation that goes into the numerous acrobatic numbers (shot with Cameron’s go-to Pace camera system), her brief time spent in Montreal before touring, and her own personal and exciting charity work.

Alien Retrospective: Part Three – Alien 3

What follows is the third part of my in depth journey through the Alien universe, beginning with Aliens, then back to Alien, and ending off with Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection. I do this in the hopes that maybe I can explain even just a little bit of the mysterious dark, fury that has left me thinking about LV-426 for the nearly two decades.