Jane Levy

TIFF 2014 Interview: Jeffrey St. Jules

I am chatting with Bang Bang Baby director Jeffrey St. Jules on the day he’s actually completing his first feature length effort prior to its debut at TIFF this coming Monday. One would think that his film would have been completed by now since he has worked on it for the better part of a […]

TIFF 2014: Bang Bang Baby Review

Bang Bang Baby Discovery One of the most delightfully loony movies to come out of Canada in ages, this assuredly kooky, gorgeous, and surreal take on 1960s values is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s a perfect example of a completely original film that has no comparison and throws everything at the audience including several kitchen […]

About Alex Review

Somewhere between the near middle aged malaise of The Big Chill and the twentysomething malaise of St. Elmo’s Fire lies About Alex, a mostly forgettable film about estrangedfriends coming back together to help a buddy in need while learning important life lessons in the process.

Evil Dead Review

The good news about the Evil Dead remake is that it’s a pretty enjoyable bloody romp. The bad news is, it’s nowhere near as exciting, fun or, well-crafted as the original trilogy. The reaction you’ll have to it will really come down to the expectations you bring to the theatre.