Jia Zhangke

The Criterion Shelf: 8 Films By Jia Zhangke

To hear Jia Zhangke's cinema described is to brace yourself for dry, dull lectures on the state of the world today, but to watch his work is to discover worlds as fascinating as anything the George Lucases of the industry can imagine.

Ash Is Purest White Review

Jia Zhangke’s sprawling tale of love, ego and societal change in modern China is an entrancing look at how the cycles we often find ourselves in are just part of the universe’s design.

TFCA Announces 2013 Film Award Winners

The Toronto Film Critics Association have announced Inside Llewyn Davis as their pick for best film of the year and announced their three finalists for Best Canadian Feature to be announced in January, Here's a look at all of the winner's from this year's voting.

TIFF 2013: A Touch of Sin Review

A Touch of Sin Masters Director: Jia Zhangke A Touch of Sin brings to light the plight of the common working class in modern day China. Winning Best Screenplay at Cannes this year, writer and director Jia Zhangke (Still Life) intertwines four disturbing and violent stories, from four provinces into a startling snapshot of four […]