Joshua Oppenheimer

TIFF 2014: The Look of Silence Review

The Look of Silence TIFF Docs A stunning and even more wrenching companion piece to his incendiary The Act of Killing, Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Look of Silence returns to the repressed feelings towards Indonesia’s bloody past and tackles them head on for one of the best films of the year. Instead of a macrocosm of […]

TFCA Announces 2013 Film Award Winners

The Toronto Film Critics Association have announced Inside Llewyn Davis as their pick for best film of the year and announced their three finalists for Best Canadian Feature to be announced in January, Here's a look at all of the winner's from this year's voting.

The Act of Killing Review

Unlike anything ever attempted on screen before and certainly something that can never be duplicated, Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing gets to the heart, ego, and psyche of Indonesian gangster who massacred for money and now think of themselves as heroes.

TIFF 2012 Reviews: Part 8

Following a much earned day off from posting that saw us watching even more movies and preparing more interviews, we return with part 8 of our TIFF 2012 coverage with looks at The Lords of Salem, Zaytoun, Reality, Passion, Byzantium, The Act of Killing, The Suicide Shop, and Hellbenders.