Liz Marshall

The Ghosts in Our Machine Review

Documenting a documentarian is a tricky proposition, but when said craftsman is also an impassioned activist and exceedingly talented artist it becomes even tougher to do justice by the subject. The work done by director Liz Marshall to showcase and contextualize the work done by her friend and fellow photographer Jo-Anne McArthur in her film The Ghosts in Our Machine is nothing short of triumphant.

Interview: Liz Marshall

We sit down with The Ghosts in Our Machine director Liz Marshall to talk about documenting her friend Jo-Anne McArthur's efforts to advocate for animals caught up in the machine of modern life, how the two friend's stories paralleled each other, steeling herself to look at animal abuse, and why you don't need to be a vegan to help in the lives of animals.

Hot Docs 2013 Preview: Canadian Edition

To honour the start of today's 20th anniversary of the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, all of the films we look at today either take place or come from Canada, including a look at opening night film The Manor, Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children, 15 Reasons to Live, NCR: Not Criminally Responsible, The Auctioneer, The Ghosts in Our Machine, Occupy: The Movie, and Special Ed