Missy Peregrym

Backcountry Review

Backcountry is getting released in select cities across Canada this weekend and should be embraced by those proud of the local talent and landscapes is presents, but is it more than just another 'lost in the woods' thriller?

TIFF 2014: Backcountry Review

Backcountry Discovery A devil-may-care city boy (Jeff Roop) brings his girlfriend and potential fiancée (Missy Peregrym) on a camping trip to a provincial park that he insists he knows like the back of his hand since he grew up in the area. Surprise, surprise, he’s stubborn and doesn’t know what he’s doing and her resourcefulness […]

TIFF 2014 Interview: Adam MacDonald

Actor and first time filmmaker Adam MacDonald is what I like to call a smart, badass, nerd. Chilling out on a rooftop patio in Downtown Toronto on one of the hottest days of the year, the warm , chatty, and enthusiastic MacDonald starts off by slightly nerding out about the bar’s choice of Interpol on […]