Mistaken for Strangers

The Rest of 2014 at The Bloor

With only two new releases for the rest of the year (Advance Style and National Gallery, both of which are good), we look at all the remaining events at The Bloor in 2014.

This Week at The Bloor: 4/10/14

This week at The Bloor brings the hilarious, heartbreaking, and touching anti-rock doc crowd pleaser Mistaken for Strangers and the somewhat disappointing and frustrating historical mystery The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden.

Interview: Tom Berninger

We talk to Tom Berninger, subject of and filmmaker behind the documentary Mistaken for Strangers about any potential fame he has seen as a result of appearing alongside his more famous and notable brother (lead singer of The National), how the film has the potential to bring new fans to The National’s music, why his brother has heavy metal tendencies despite not being a very metal guy, what he remembers about being on tour and his job, and why he really might not be all that different from his big brother.

NXNE 2013: Film

With the film portion of this year's 19th annual NXNE festival kicking off this Thursday, we take a look at six of this years offerings: All Out War, Mistaken for Strangers, BB King - The Life of Reily, The Rolling Stones - Charlie is My Darling - Ireland 1965, Filmage - The Story of Descendants/ALL, and Global Groove Network.

Hot Docs 2013 Line-Up Announced

The line-up for the 2013 - and 20th anniversary of the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival came out this morning and here are some things to look forward to across the 205 selected films when it all gets underway on Thursday, April 25th through Friday, May 5th.