RAGE Review

In the last year of development for id's newest first-person shooter RAGE, you might be forgiven if you thought "MEGATEXTURES" was actually its title. Yet here we are, on the tail end of a promotional tour that made no bones about it: RAGE is the next DOOM. But has id evolved beyond its innovative roots to carve a niche for itself among a market bloated with shooters?

Top 10 Reasons the Original Quake Ruled

Our friend Joel over at local video game site Controller Punch! posted a list of the top 10 reasons the original Quake game ruled.  He sold me with the idea that Jesus would be a skilled Quake player. 6. General use of rusty nails as weapons. We’ve got disturbing games out there now like Manhunt […]

Quake Live Public Beta Now Open

id Software‘s web-based first person shooter Quake Live entered the open beta stage of development last week. Quake Live, based on id‘s popular 1999 shooter Quake III Arena is a free multiplayer browser based first person shooter. For those of you wanting an nostalgic throwback to the world of PC gaming circa 1999(man, that makes […]