Rendezvous With Madness 2013

Rendezvous With Madness 2013: InRealLife Review

InRealLife The Internet has been a major part of society since the early ‘90s, but while its effects on society across the globe are obvious, the effects on the psychology of younger generations are hardly clear. Beeban Kidron’s documentary, InRealLife, sets out to explore the social and psychological impact of the Internet on the youth […]

Rendezvous With Madness 2013: Winter in the Blood Review

Winter in the Blood Virgil First Raise (Chaske Spencer) wakes up in a ditch on the hardscrabble plains of Montana, hungover and badly beaten. He returns to his ranch on the reservation to find that his wife, Agnes (Julia Jones), has left him. Worse, she’s taken his beloved rifle. Virgil sets out to town find […]

Rendezvous With Madness 2013: Sole Survivor Review

Sole Survivor It’s one of the most rare occurrences possible. In the entire history of commercial flight, only fourteen times have there been crashes with a single survivor. Ky Dickens examines what it’s like to be one of these fourteen people in the new documentary, Sole Survivor. The film deals specifically with four sole survivors: […]

Rendezvous With Madness 2013: Pandi Review

Pandi Mental illness is grappled with by families all across the globe, knowing nothing of racial or cultural boundaries.  Pandi is an intensely intimate investigation into the death of a family member who struggled with depression. A hugely personal film about her own family, director Maria Saroja Ponnambalam explores the mysteries behind her uncle Pandi’s […]

Rendezvous With Madness 2013: Short Term 12 Review

Short Term 12 Brie Larson delivers not only a star making performance, but one of the best leading turns of the year in this emotionally charged look into the lives of workers at a facility for at risk youth with mental health issues. The de facto boss of the day shift at the group home, […]