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Parental Guidance MCU Rewatch: Thor

As a family, we pledged to embark upon an epic MCU rewatch before we see Avengers: Endgame – and answer the all-important question: should you watch these with your kids? Next up 2011's Thor!

Nightcrawler Review

Jake Gyllenhaal delivers without a shadow of a doubt a career best performance as an amoral sociopath in Nightcrawler.

Contest: Meet Lou Bloom

Lou Bloom is looking for work and he would like to meet with you at advance screenings of his wares in select Canadian cities on October 29th.

TIFF 2014: Nightcrawler Review

Nightcrawler Special Presentatons Jake Gyllenhaal delivers easily a career best performance as an amoral psychopath drawn into the highly profitable world of freelance journalism, capturing grisly crime scene footage throughout the overnights and selling it to the highest bidding local news source. The directorial debut for screenwriter Dan Gilroy (Real Steel, Freejack, The Bourne Legacy), […]