Ron Howard

Inferno Review

The bland Inferno is a waste of time that goes to extreme lengths to keep its secrets hidden.

Made in America Review

The Jay-Z fronted/Ron Howard directed concert documentary Made in America could have just as easily been titled Made by Anybody. It’s a puff piece designed solely to play up the brands of every artist involved.

Rush Review

While occasionally overblown in terms of the melodrama being employed and a tad overlong, Ron Howard’s Rush is a strong sports drama with a pair of exceptional leading performances.

TIFF 2013: Made in America Review

Made In America Mavericks Director: Ron Howard Set against backdrop of the music festival that he curated and headlined of the same name last year, Made In America chronicles the rise of hip-hop mogul Jay-Z from his humble beginnings to global superstar as his eclectic festival highlights the changes and dropping of boundaries in musical […]

TIFF 2013: Rush Review

Rush Gala Director: Ron Howard With a great attention to detail and a pair of exceptional leading performances, Howard’s period piece set against a historic, high speed Formula One racing rivalry in the 1970s surprises and thrills, both dramatically and visually. Hard living and reckless Brit James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) works his way up through […]