Rush Review

While occasionally overblown in terms of the melodrama being employed and a tad overlong, Ron Howard’s Rush is a strong sports drama with a pair of exceptional leading performances.

The Dork Shelf Guide to TIFF 2013

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TIFF 2013: Rush Review

Rush Gala Director: Ron Howard With a great attention to detail and a pair of exceptional leading performances, Howard’s period piece set against a historic, high speed Formula One racing rivalry in the 1970s surprises and thrills, both dramatically and visually. Hard living and reckless Brit James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) works his way up through […]

Virga: Sun of Suns Review

Virga: Sun of Suns is truly a breath of fresh air. We review the enticing first issue of this comic adaptation of Karl Schroeder's Virga series.

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage Review

Rush is probably the strangest anomaly in rock music. They have sold the third most number of albums worldwide of any band (after The Rolling Stones and The Beatles), but have never had a number one single. Their fans are arguably the most devoted in the world, and yet (until recently), Rush has been panned […]