Shadow of the Colossus

Play Dead: RIP Special Vol. 2

In this special episode, Gabby speaks with all of Play Dead’s Season 2 guests about their most memorable video game deaths.

The Last Guardian Review

Fumito Ueda's follow up to Shadow of the Colossus is a brilliant yet maddening exploration of companionship.

Podcast 4 Season 2 Tweleven

The Shelf rings in the new year by waxing nostalgic about 2010's best and worst games and movies, and talk about what we're looking forward to in 2011. Will and Zack are joined by Emily and our old friend Lucas for this best/worst of ought ten show. The episode also has the distinction of being the only podcast you'll ever hear successfully segue between Gaspar Noé's brutal Enter the Void and Pixar's heartwarming Toy Story 3.

E3 Roundup: Day Two

Day Two of the Electronic Entertainment Expo is in full swing.  Today saw Nintendo and Sony hold their annual E3 Press Conferences, and it was a big day for both companies.  There were some huge game announcements, new footage from hotly anticipated games and new hardware unveiled by both Nintendo and Sony.  Read Dork Shelf’s […]

Mega64: Shadow of the Colossus

Those crazy Mega64 kids are at it again.  This time they parody Fumito Ueda‘s amazing Shadow of the Colossus much to the confusion and bewilderment of onlookers. If you haven’t played Shadow of the Colossus I urge you to do so, it is easily one of the greatest games ever made.