Sleepless in New York

Hot Docs 2014: Sleepless in New York Review

Sleepless in New York Love, Factually Nicely balancing the pain of heartbreak (and sometimes the creepiness and schadenfreude) of a relationship ending with a spattering of science and anthropology, Academy Award nominee Christian Frei’s latest outing is an unpretentious series of snapshots dedicated towards a better understanding of the ending of dreams and the struggles […]

The Dork Shelf Guide to Hot Docs 2014

The 21st annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival is upon us - running Thursday, April 24th to Sunday, May 4th - and here's your one stop shop for all of our reviews, interviews, features, and festivities from the largest festival of its kind in North America.

53 Hot Tickets at Hot Docs 2014

The Measure of All Things The rarest ticket of the festival is this one night/one show only of Academy Award nominated filmmaker Sam Green’s live directed, conducted, narrated, and mixed documentary inspired by The Guinness Book of Records. With a soundtrack from The Quavers, the film blends traditional storytelling with performance for what’s sure to […]