TAD 2014

TAD 2014: Late Phases Review

Late Phases Nick Damici has been on quite the roll as late with his collaborations with Jim Mickle: Stakeland, We are What we Are and Cold in July. All the films he co-wrote as well as acted in, have had long and successful festival runs and fervent admirers. This time just showcasing his acting ability […]

TAD 2014: The Town That Dreaded Sundown Review

The Town that Dreaded Sundown Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s follow up/reimagining to the 1976 film The Town that Dreaded Sundown came into this year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival flying under the radar of most. The hyper stylized film stars Addison Timlin as Jami, a survivor of what appears to be first attack of the masked […]

TAD 2014: Shorts After Dark Reviews

For a filmmaker to hear that their feature film would be better off as a short, that’s tough. If they were to hear their short should be turned into a feature, now that’s a compliment. I think that’s what the short film showcases at festivals advertise: do we want to see more of this? It’s […]

TAD 2014: Housebound Review

Housebound Housebound is a demented and hilarious yarn where you’re never sure if you want to laugh or scream. When Kylie Bucknell’s (Morgana O’Reilly) wild child ways catch up to her, she’s forced into the one punishment that she never expected.  She’s placed under house arrest in the home she desperately tried to escape from […]

TAD 2014: Suburban Gothic Review

Sometimes a movie tries so hard at being “something”, it just amounts to nothing. That’s what I felt about Suburban Gothic, the sophomore film from Richard Bates Jr. The film wants to – primarily –be a comedy, but also a supernatural thriller, horror, and romance fused together by scenes that aim to be clever, cute, and occasionally […]

TAD 2014: Dead Snow 2: Red Vs. Dead Review

Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead Dead Snow 2 has director Tommy Wirkola returning to the property that launched him to international recognition, his Nazi Zombie horror comedy Dead Snow, but this time Wirkola and his co-writers Stig Frode Henrikson and Vegar Hoel aim for a different take on the material. Martin (Hoel) is the […]