The Samaritan

This Week in DVD: 9/25/12

Now that TIFF has ended, our DVD reporters can finally start sifting through their piles of DVDs with looks this week at Cabin in the Woods, Beyond the Black Rainbow, Snow White and the Huntsman, Safe, Piranha DD, The Samaritan, Damsels in Distress, and We Have a Pope.

The Samaritan Review

Despite a suitably gritty start, the Toronto-set neo-noir The Samaritan quickly gets bogged down in inconsistencies and plot twists cribbed from other better films.

Interview: The Samaritan Director David Weaver

We talk to The Samaritan director David Weaver about how the noir films of his youth crafted his latest Toronto shot project, working with Samuel L. Jackson, and the fine art of crafting a film about a con.