Seance Review

The new Toronto stage show is a wonderful ghost story told with grace, poise, and considerable skill.

SummerWorks 2014: The Water Thief Review

The Water Thief Juried Series A hauntingly clever blend of cinema, live musical accompaniment, and movement, there’s nothing else quite like The Water Thief at this year’s festival. Wordless, fantastical, and existential, this story of an old man in a coastal community that finds his final remaining days on Earth haunted by ghosts from the […]

SummerWorks 2014: Unknown Soldier Review

Unknown Soldier Juried Series Although boasting an electrifying performance from Jeff Ho in the lead of this one man show, writer/director/producer Jonathan Seinen’s fictionalized take on the struggles faced by imprisoned American soldier and whistleblower Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley) is a well intentioned mixed bag that actually does better when it goes a bit off […]

SummerWorks 2014: Unintentionally Depressing Children’s Tales

Unintentionally Depressing Children’s Tales Juried Series Definitely not for kids, but not as “depressing” as the title suggests, writer Erin Fleck and director Maya Rabinovitch’s whimsically staged telling of four fractured fairy tales with melancholic undertones blends stage reading and gorgeous puppetry beneath a cozy, elaborate blanket fort with the audience gathered around on the […]

SummerWorks 2014: Thus Spoke… Review

Thus Spoke… National Series A potent and vibrant mix of dance, movement, performance art, and monologuing, Thus Spoke… makes its English language debut in Toronto by way of its original staging in Montreal. Two men (Frédérick Gravel, Frédérick Lavallée, with Gravel also serving as the artistic director, choreographer, co-creator, and lighting designer) and two women […]