Tom Green

Swearnet Review

To put it in terms the creators of Swearnet can appreciate, their movie sucks pus filled [expletive deleted]s.

The Dork Shelf Guide to Holiday Shopping: Day 2

Happy Cyber Monday! Or, Happy Whatever Day You Happen to Be Reading This On! Welcome to day two of the Dork Shelf Guide to Holiday Shopping, with more great ideas for the dorky dudes and ladydudes in your lives. Stay tuned for further holly, jolly gift options, or check out our previous entry in the […]

Defending the Indefensible: Alien Resurrection & Freddy Got Fingered

Andrew Parker and Toronto Underground Cinema proudly present the DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE film series starting MARCH 4, 2011. Film criticism is a strange business these days. In years prior to the rise of the Internet, it seemed like only a select few knowledgeable film critics held sway over the fickle viewing public. Now, it seems […]