Upstream Color

This (Past Month) in DVD

With about roughly one billion film festivals this past month, our film writers haven't been able to keep up with the DVD column. So here now is a mix of everything leading up to this current week with looks at Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook, John Dies at the End, Gangster Squad, Jack Reacher, Broken City, Mama, The Details, Promised Land, Revenge for Jolly!, The Oranges, and links back to a ton of other stuff we just didn't have room for.

Upstream Color Review

Buried deep within layers of overly analyzed obfuscation and mixed metaphors, there's a genuinely sweet story inside of Primer director Shane Carruth's Upstream Color that he just can't quite get a handle on. And yet, that's part of what makes it so interesting in the first place.