Wuthering Heights

Must Read: The Graphic Canon, Volumes 1-3

If you’d like to add a little class to your comic collection, The Graphic Canon has what you need. A three-volume collection, The Graphic Canon is all of the greatest literature in the history of the world, as seen through the eyes of the greatest comic artists in the world.

TIFF 2011 Review: Wuthering Heights

Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights is going to anger a lot of people. Which is a shame, because it is brilliant. As an interpretation, not an adaptation, Arnold take a different route, exploring certain themes and characters within the text from a different perspective. And what a perspective – this is raw, gritty, melancholy and visceral in […]

TIFF 2011 Picks
Part One

The 2011 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival kicks off tomorrow and will run until September 18th. Now you're going to hear a lot about the celebrities in town, the parties going down and the massive queues, but at the end of the day TIFF is about the movies. And with over 330 movies playing this year, there's definitely no shortage of films to choose from.