The Dork Shelf Guide to the 2013 European Union Film Festival

European Union Film Festival

Entering its inaugural year, the European Union Film Festival (starting up today with the Lithuanian documentary, The Other Dream Team, looking back on the country’s unlikely Olympic basketball superstars, and running until November 27th) aims to bring back to the city some of the best in feature and documentary filmmaking from across the European subcontinent. It’s comprised of a wide cross-section of films that quite often preserve a profound sense of national identity, with no two films ever feeling the same. Some of the films in the series have screened in the city before (like the highly acclaimed Bullhead), but for the most part these films are at the very least debuts within the city of Toronto.

All screenings take place at The Royal, and best of all, they are all free of charge. So instead of seeing if the line-up is worth your money (it’s a no lose scenario there!), let’s see if the films we were able to check out are worth your time!

And with two full weeks of programming that we weren’t able to get around to, there’s plenty more to see that we haven’t touched upon. For a full list of everything showing, and to reserve seats, check out the festival’s website!

2013 European Union Film Festival


Alcan Highway

The Consul of Bordeaux

Dinner With My Sisters

Dream Team 1935



Oh Boy



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