The Martin Scorsese Versus Marvel Movies Debate on CBC Radio Q

Is the Legendary Filmmaker Misunderstood, or Is He out of Touch?

In recent weeks, Martin Scorsese offended legions of Marvel movie fans when said that Marvel films are “Closer to theme parks than cinema.”

The Twitter-verse quickly turned their wrath upon Scorsese, firing off thousands of angry tweets about the legendary filmmaker. Amidst the hostile fanboy aftermath, Scorsese clarified what he meant in a New York Times op-ed, but that hasn’t cooled fans’ tempers.

The Marty versus Marvel debate took to the airwaves yesterday when That Shelf’s Managing Editor Jason Gorber guested on Monday’s q screen panel along with Refinery29’s Kathleen Newman-Bremang. Host Tom Power jokingly compares the lead-up to their debate to a couple of hockey teams who have tension before taking the ice.

You can listen to their spirited debate here.