The Roundup with Elena and Meg

The Roundup Episode #10 – Fearless Fred

In Episode 10 of The Roundup, we’re featuring our very first Co-Host with a Penis, the geeky and hilarious Fred Kennedy, better known to the world as “Fearless Fred”! This episode in film we talk about The Martian’s baffling similarity to Interstellar, and the experience of film festivals. In TV we chat about the wonderful and also controversial Emmys, and in comics we discuss women sweeping comics awards and taking over the comics market. We’ll end the show with gaming, where we chat about testing others about their gamer cred.

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Game of Thrones has zero women directors for seasons 5-6, while Transparent season 2 has mostly women directors

Regina King comments on the whiteness of the Emmys

The Ignatz Awards are won by all women!

The rise of the female comic book buyer


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