The Roundup with Elena and Meg

The Roundup Episode #3 – Puppets are Great!

Welcome to episode #3 of The Roundup with Elena & Meg!

This week’s Roundup is a mini episode because Elena is far away in the old country, eating fried food and listening to dogs bark outside her window at 4:00 am (and sharing the cacophony with Meg, bless). So instead of bringing you our thoughts on the latest pop culture news, this week we discuss topics including TV spoiler etiquette, Simon Pegg’s recent criticism of science fiction and genre films, Kim Kardashian, and reboots. Take a listen:

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Simon Pegg’s criticism of science fiction and genre film

Simon Pegg’s follow-up comments

Vulture on How Kim Kardashian became important

Gawker’s reply to the Vulture article

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