The Shelf Episode 14 – Jon Remedios on SSMP

On this episode of The Shelf, Eric sits down with Toronto game developer Jon Remedios, his former WhaleCast cohost and the creator of Shoot Shoot Mega Pack, the new party game now available for Steam. They talk about the local multiplayer toy box, the difficulty of standing out in the current environment, and the benefits of milk as a marketing platform. They also discuss the emotional and mental challenges of indie development and the lessons learned over the course of two years spent making a game about stupid triangles.


Download the MP3 directly HERE

Eric’s Disclosure: Jon is a close personal friend. We used to record a weekly podcast, I was one of the first play testers of SSMP, and I want his game to do well. I am not an unbiased observer, though in this situation I do think that makes for a more interesting conversation.

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