The Shelf Episode 5 – Pavan Moondi on “DIY” Filmmaking

The margin between those who talk about making films and those who actually do it is vast. So how does someone with an economics degree just pick up a camera and start making stuff that’s actually getting out there and seen by people? It’s not that simple of course, but Pavan Moondi seemed to take to filmmaking pretty naturally. Despite no formal training or serious aspirations prior to watching a couple mumblecore films in the mid 2000s, Moondi has now made three feature films (the first two of which, Everyday Is Like Sunday and Diamond Tongues are readily available to view on Netflix) and recently directed all eight episodes of a new TV series for CBC called Four In The Morning.

In Episode 5 of The Shelf, Moondi recalls how he was able to get that first film made and how he’s continued to build on that experience to get bigger projects realized, allowing him to go to Columbia to shoot his new film Sundowners. While he’s moved past the “DIY” stage of his career, it’s clear that he had to do most of it himself to get here.

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