Maudie - Aisling Walsh Sally Hawkins

The Shelf Minisode – Aisling Walsh on Maudie

On the latest minisode of The Shelf, Jason Gorber chats with Aisling Walsh, director of Maudie, a film about Maud Lewis, the Nova Scotian folk artist who began her career by painting little birds on the on the walls of the man she was working as a housekeeper for. The film stars Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawk, it tells the true story of their characters’ unlikely romance that develops as her work captures the hearts of people far beyond Canada’s small East coast communities.

We spoke with Walsh about her own painterly aspirations, what she felt she had to bring to this project in order to do Maud justice, and why this story is almost as Irish as it is Canadian.


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Maudie opens in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Halifax April 14th, and will be rolling out across the rest of the country this spring.


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