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The Shelf Minisode – Louis Theroux and John Dower on My Scientology Movie

Welcome to another minisode of The Shelf – Dork Shelf’s official podcast.

Today we have a very fun conversation with documentary filmmakers Louis Theroux and John Dower about their new film My Scientology Movie. The doc follows Theroux’s attempts to get the inside story on the infamous Church of Scientology. Featuring interviews with former Scientology members, as well as funny and sometimes disturbing reenactments of events alleged to have taken place inside the shadowy church, the film is an absurd and disturbing peek behind the curtain as only Theroux and company can deliver.

We recently spoke with Theroux and Dower about the documentary and some of the challenges they faced while making it. We also discussed what it was like casting some of the church’s most iconic figures for the reenactments, the ethics of making someone relive trauma, and, of course, what’s they’ve got on their respective dork shelves.

Listen below!


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If you live in Canada you can catch My Scientology Movie at Toronto’s Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema from February 17-23, at the Globe Cinema in Calgary, February 24 – March 2, at the Salt Spring Film Festival in British Columbia, March 3 -5, and at the Bytowne in Ottawa, April 14-18.


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