This is Jenga Played with Shipping Crates and Helicopters in Just Cause 3

Jenga is one of those classic games that everyone has played. It’s easy to set up, the rules are simple, and there’s never any dispute when it’s over. Just turn over the box and you’re basically good to go.

Thankfully, video games will always be there to demonstrate that there are ways to improve upon a classic. After deciding that Jenga just didn’t require enough prep work, YouTuber teamcream went and made a digital version within the world of Just Cause 3, painstakingly stacking cargo containers on top of one another in a boatyard. He then went and played the game to its conclusion, using a helicopter and some grappling hooks to carefully hoist the containers from the bottom to the top of the tower.

The video is an impressive showcase for the physics engine in Just Cause 3. The tower stays up far longer than you’d expect (I’m amazed that teamcream doesn’t knock over the tower while dropping blocks from a helicopter), and when it collapses it’s a ton of fun to see it fall. Jenga: The Just Cause 3 Edition is probably a one-off – replicating the feat would take hours – but that only makes the spectacle feel a little more unique.

via Games Radar

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