This is What the Pokemon Theme Sounds Like as a Cool Jazz Standard

Wanna hear a joke? My friend James told me this one.

Q: How do you get Pikachu and all of his friends onto a bus?

A: Poke ’em on! (Get it?)

You know what’s not completely lame? This fantastic cool jazz cover of the Pokemon theme song. (You know the one. It goes something like this.) Done in the inimitable style of Postmodern Jukebox, the song is performed by Sara Niemietz with backing from Scott Bradlee and Friends. You wouldn’t think that a song with so many nonsense words could possibly make sense in the musical language of the 1920s, but damn if I don’t get chills when they get to “You teach me and I’ll teach you.” It just works, far better than we ever could have imagined. Check it out below. Unlike the original, it’s actually enjoyable to have this version stuck in your head for hours.


via The Mary Sue


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