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Shock & Awe at The Fox

Shock and Awe: The Dusk 'Til Dawn Grindhouse Experience
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Shock & Awe: The Dusk ‘Til Dawn Grindhouse Experience returns to the Fox Theatre on Saturday, September 25th at 11:30pm and we’re giving away three pairs of tickets!

The all night event features six awesome movies all presented on film (16mm and 35mm), and is guaranteed to be the only fest where you’ll see Donny and Marie, Dolph Lundgren and William Shatner on the same bill!

You and your friend/life partner/spouse/consigliere can have two free tickets to Shock & Awe, all you have to do is be one of the first three people to email us the correct answer to our super skill-testing question:

“What are the names of the two spin-offs from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse?”


Email will@dorkshelf.com with your answer and we’ll hook you up.

Check out the full lineup of films after the jump.

Kingdom of the Spiders – Bill Shatner returns as a small town vet in Arizona who deals with an onslaught of deadly spiders. This cast of creepy crawlers will stop at nothing to take over your ranch… or take down a 747 ! Can Shatner out emote the evil eight legged menace!??

Goin’ Coconuts – Donny and Marie “That Nutri-System girl” Osmond in an espionage/musical shot in Hawaii and Utah? Crime was never such a laugh riot as in this wonderful mega flop that is just as disastrous as you’d think.


MYSTERY FILM – A rare film, guaranteed to delight! First Canadian screening in decades!

The Stud –  Joan Collins (Dynasty) plays Khalid Fontaine a woman with an unmatched sexual appetite who gets what she wants! Amidst LSD disco pool parties, she discards inadequate men like common garbage! High society divas treat each other like dirt in this trash epic!!

Red Scorpion – The ‘world’s greatest actor’ Dolph Lundgren plays Nikolai, a KGB agent sent to kill an African revolutionary. When the commies double cross Nikolai he goes into killing machine mode to deliver boatloads of vengeance. Makes Rambo look like Justin Bieber.

Ghoulies –Satan worshippers and sexy girls bring to life the Gremlins’ ghastly gorgon relatives. Your toilet bowl will never be safe again!


Tickets for Shock & Awe are only $25 in advance and $35 at the door. They can be purchased at the Fox Cinema box office (2236 Queen St. East) and also at Suspect Video (605 Markham St.), Eyesore Cinema (801 Queen St. West) and The Film Buff West & East (73 Roncesvalles Ave. & 130). Tickets are cash only at these locations and a $1 service charge may apply.

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