TIFF 2013: Almost Human Review

Almost Human

Almost Human

Midnight Madness

Director: Joe Begos

A wild blast of gory and affably silly pure genre fun, Begos’ tale of murderous aliens taking over humans in 1989, small town Maine feels like what would happen in John Carpenter (in his prime) remade David Cronenberg’s Shivers. It’s one of the most unpretentious and supremely entertaining entries of the festival.

Two years after he watched his best friend get abducted in a flash of blue light, Seth (Graham Skipper) has been having nightmare and spontaneous nosebleeds remembering the event. When his large, hirsute buddy (Josh Ethier, who also edited) returns, it’s as a killing machine-slash-assimilator sent to flip the human race into alien pods.

It’s a pretty standard body snatching, crazy alien movie, but damn if it’s not trying to be the best killer alien movie it could possibly be. Begos and company understand the cheesy nature of the endeavour, and they treat it with love and care instead of simpering self-reflexivity. It’s a hard movie to pull off with a straight face, let alone do it well, but Almost Human is the real deal. (Andrew Parker)


Wednesday, September 11th, Scotiabank 3, 7:15pm

Friday, September 13th, Scotiabank 9, 2:30pm

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