TIFF 2013: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

Special Presentation

Director: Ned Benson

Told in two parts and from two different perspectives (which can be switched around for different exhibitions), Benson follows the marriage between Conor (James McAvoy),  and Eleanor (Jessica Chastain) as their marriage of seven years falls apart. With each day worse than the last, their connection starts deteriorating, until one day Eleanor just falls off the map and disappears, leaving both her and Conor with the prospect of starting over.

Sometimes it takes some courage to make a truly memorable film and Benson has crafted a heart-wrenching, heartfelt and sometimes even hilarious cinematic experience that’s emotionally compelling.  Taking us through both perspectives of the same story highlights the imperfections of perception and our own memories as this beautifully crafted narrative washes over us with such a natural and realistic tone.  In this film, the small moments matter, and they play out so masterfully over the course of the film, played out on screen by two wonderful actors.

Chastain who also served as a producer on the film, embodied the spirit of a woman filled with heartbreak who is looking for her own way to grieve, while James McAvoy matches her as a man who desperately wants the everyday routine to return to his life.

With a stellar ensemble and a bold yet relatable story, this film is a sight to behold and easily one the festival’s best. (Dave Voigt)


Saturday, September 14th, Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 9AM

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