TIFF 2014: Short Cuts Canada Program 5 Reviews

Short Cuts Canada Programme 5 seems to be where they put all the shorts that would show in front of the Midnight Madness features if TIFF programmed them that way. These are the genre shorts, the crude comedies, and the freaky deaky.

Day 40

The little bit of animated goodness that is Sol Friendman’s Day 40 posits what it would’ve been like if the animals on Noah’s Arc succumbed to all the human sins (and maybe a couple more) that we have a tendency of committing. In addition to being good for a laugh, the animation is deceivingly complex.

Last Night

Arlen Konopaki’s Last Night is like a Funny or Die sketch that’s been converted into black and white for the festival circuit. While the concept of someone confronting his roommate about ejaculating on his face while he was sleeping may seem juvenile, it’s how mature they are about the entire ordeal that makes it funny.


The short film Intruders is actually three very short films that are each haunting in their own way. It ends up playing like a cinematographer’s reel, showcasing precision control over every aspect of the image, including some genuinely creepy special effects, but scant offerings in the narrative department.


The following shorts were not available at press time:

An ongoing feud between two families comes to a head in Del Ciego Desert, a stylized western that tips its hat to Sergio Leone.

What begins as a young couple taking a nice walk in the forest turns into a psychological thriller in Still.

Running Season takes us to PEI, where a seaside property owner is put in quite the pickle after severed feet begin washing up on his property and lowering its value. (Noah R. Taylor)



Wednesday, September 10th, 9:30pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox 2

Thursday, September 11th, 9:15am, TIFF Bell Lightbox 4

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