short films

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On Review

When an unexpected brush with fame opens the door to reuniting with his loved ones, Marcel sets out on a sweeping, emotional journey to reclaim what he thought was lost and discover the family he never knew he had.

Hot Docs: This is Endometriosis Review

An image of a shadow on a wall—moving slowly with the light across the room—speaks deeply to a feeling of lost hours and days that most, if not all, those suffering from endometriosis can relate to. I know I do. Short film This is Endometriosis, playing as a part of this year’s Hot Docs slate, […]

Sundance 2022: The Panola Project Review

The pandemic has been exhausting for everyone. In the last two years, not a day has gone by without a reminder of how the world has been crippled by this virus. This is why films like The Panola Project are necessary.