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Wild Tales

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Wild Tales, an anthology film, has a mixed definition of what makes something wild. It begins with something that’s easily considered its wildest element, an massive EC Comics-style revenge plot that begins and ends in a few joyfully sadistic minutes. Other times, and for a bulk of its duration, the tone is closer to a strung together telenovela that take a long time to end or take too long to start.

There is some candy in Wild Tales. Like all great anthologies, it’s bookmarked by its best sequences: the aforementioned comeuppance scheme and a spiralling wedding ceremony that could be described as ‘THAT’ scene from They Live with one or two less punches and a little more cake. But even though they’re the pick of the litter, the two barely resemble each other. Sometimes they’re tales of murder, except when it’s not, sometimes it’s about revenge, but not always, maybe it’s about violence, but that’s not a promise.


Wild Tales doesn’t really have a theme to it and I guess it doesn’t need one. They are various compromising scenarios, and loose fit wouldn’t be a problem if each segment did a better job justifying itself. Instead, this definition of wild just seems to mean “wildly distanced from each other”. (Zack Kotzer)


Tuesday, September 9th, 9:00pm, VISA Screening Room (Elgin)

Wednesday, September 10th, 3:30pm, TIFF Bell Lightbox  1


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