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The Adventures of TintinI was a latecomer to Tintin fandom, only reading the books for the first time when taking a French comic book course at university. And even though the books are definitely set in a boys-only world, I loved the adventures and would have gladly joined that club. Tintin is not just a comic series; for many, it’s a religion. The Belgians take their comics very seriously, and no doubt the creators of the film have done so as well, choosing to use gorgeous animation as oppose to live action, to get a real feel for the glory of the books.

The film has been in works for a while, and finally we have a trailer. And it looks fantastic. With Steven Spielberg directing, Peter Jackson producing, Edgar Wright, Steven Moffat & Joe Cornish writing, and Jamie Bell, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (among others) acting, I have high hopes for this film.

Visit the official site here, and watch the trailer below.

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