New DMZ Covers Emerge

Two New DMZ Covers emerge from Brian Wood’s tumblr.

DMZ #65 - Free States RisingDMZ #66 - Citizen Zee

Two new covers for upcoming issues of Brian Wood’s series DMZ were thrown online via the writer’s Tumblr. The series, which is set in the near future during a second US civil war, is nearing its end with issue #72. These covers for #65 (left) and #66 (right) paint two very different pictures: one implies the separation of two the story’s protagonist, Matty Roth, and his long-time guide, confidant and friend Zee. It wraps up the Free States Rising arc that’s been in motion since issue #60.

The second is the cover to one of Wood’s much-lauded one-shot issues, titled Citizen Zee; I’m presuming that it will tie up her involvement in the story before the #67-#70 final arc, and the conclusion of the series.

It’s almost a bit sad to see the end of this story wind down; I’ve been reading DMZ since roughly 2007, and have grown quite attached to it. I can only imagine this is what Y: The Last Man readers experienced when their story wound down, as well.

Matt Demers is a Toronto writer who is proud to have every trade paperback of this series on his shelf. You can find him via Twitter or e-mail.


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