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Constantine Episode 1.3 Recap

"The Devil's Vinyl" doesn’t commit to any of its cooler ideas and, for the second week in a row, Constantine ends up boring and muddled.

Constantine Episode 1.1 Recap

There are currently four television series airing based on DC Comics properties and as it stands Constantine looks like it could be the best of them.

The Wake #10 Review

For those of you late to this particular party, the final issue of The Wake came out this Wednesday, and it's an epic adventure worth talking about.

New DMZ Covers Emerge

Two new covers for upcoming issues of Brian Wood's series DMZ were thrown online via the writer's Tumblr. The series, which is set in the near future during a second US civil war, is nearing its end with issue #70. These covers for #65 and #66 paint two very different pictures.

The Losers Review

Right from the get-go, The Losers makes damn sure to tell the audience that they’re watching a really cool movie. The movie has it all: shaky hand-held camera work, freeze frames, jump cuts and the requisite “group walking towards the camera in slow motion” scene—reassuring the audience that they are indeed watching an awesome film. […]

The Losers Trailer

The first trailer for the big screen adaptation of Andy Diggle’s comic book The Losers has hit the web.  The film, like the comic book, centres on a CIA anti-terrorism team who are betrayed by their handler and left for dead. The group of agents decide to take out everyone responsible for selling them out, […]

The Losers Cast Their Villain

Jason Patric has signed for the role of Max, the main villain in the upcoming comic adaptation of Andy Diggle‘s The Losers.  The Vertigo Comics title deals with a CIA special forces team working hard to combat terrorism.  The hook being that the team is betrayed by their handler, Max (Patric), and left for dead.  […]

Art-O-Bot: Klein, Henrichon, Macdonald

Welcome to the Art-O-Bot long weekend edition!  This week I’ll be taking a look at some really talented artists whose work may be flying under your radar. Andy MacDonald I first saw Andy MacDonald’s art in the pages of NYC MECH. It was here that I quickly discovered how incredible this man’s talents are.  The […]