Two Weeks to Live Trailer: Watch Masie Williams Fight like There’s No Tomorrow

Two Weeks to Live is an upcoming HBO Max series featuring Game of Thrones star Masie Williams as a young woman working through some serious family issues.

This show features one of the most enjoyable trailers I’ve seen in a while. What starts off looking like a grounded coming-of-age story quickly escalates into sight-gags, vulgar language, and over-the-top violence. So I’m obviously all in on this new program. Take a look.

Two Weeks to Live trailer:

Two Weeks to Live reminds me of The End of the F***ing World but reimagined by director Edgar Wright. The trailer shows off an irreverent series of misadventures featuring offbeat characters, brash humour, and (likely) a surprising amount of heart.


If you happen to be in the UK, the show is already airing on Sky One. The rest of us will have to patiently wait until the series makes its American debut on November 5th.

Two Weeks to Live synopsis:

Two Weeks to Live tells a comic tale of love and revenge born from a seemingly harmless prank that goes terribly wrong. Kim Noakes, an early 20-something oddball who, since the murder of her father, has been sequestered away in the wilderness with her doomsday-prepping mother for most of her life. Feeling compelled to go on a belated coming-of-age adventure, Kim sets out to find her dad’s killer and along the way, ropes mismatched brothers Jay and Nicky into her scheme. Starring Masie Williams and Sian Clifford.

Two Weeks to Live will make its HBO Max debut on November 5th, 2020.